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 Job Opportunity!

We currently have a job opportunity for an HIV Case Manager for Kent County, based in Smyrna.  Read more here.


Know Your Status

Is it important to know your HIV status so that you can start a medication regimen to keep you healthy!  Get  tested today – it’s free. For location and hours, CLICK HERE.

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Make a donation in support of our services to people with HIV/AIDS, including FREE HIV Testing & Linkage to Care, our Personal Care Items Closet, or the Michael Brossette Memorial Fund.

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DelaWEAR One

Mail Order Condom Program

This program is designed to help curb HIV infection and is intended for the following people:

      • those who are HIV positive,
      • sexual partners of those who are HIV positive, and
      • those who are at higher risk of contracting HIV (including IV drug users and people with multiple sex partners who currently do not use condoms).

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