About Us

About Us

The Delaware HIV Consortium is a statewide non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] established to facilitate collaboration among its community partners and to ensure that quality, non-duplicative HIV treatment and prevention services are available throughout Delaware. Our collaborators include HIV/AIDS service providers, civic leaders, public health professionals, representatives of private business, and persons living with HIV disease.

The Consortium operates several statewide working committees, including the Statewide HIV Planning Council and Policy Subcommittee. The Consortium works to better the lives of Delawareans with HIV through service coordination, community participation, trainings for AIDS Service Organizations, workshops and consumer involvement to meet the changing needs of the HIV community and to ensure a quality, culturally-appropriate continuum of care.

The Consortium continues to operate the only statewide tenant-based rental assistance program specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS. This program has been providing housing assistance since 1998. In addition, the housing program supports a site-based housing program for women with HIV and mental illness.

The Consortium also manages Ryan White support services for people with HIV in Delaware, including transportation, emergency client assistance, and housing programs statewide. The Consortium works as a network of resources directing individuals and organizations to services, volunteerism, and educational opportunities.

The Delaware HIV Consortium:

  • Believes that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is a crisis that requires community planning and action
  • Promotes participation from all communities
  • Shares the responsibility in an epidemic that affects everyone
  • Works for increased awareness of the HIV epidemic and of HIV activities in Delaware
  • Seeks to include active participation of those living with HIV in the planning of statewide services
  • Creates, implements and helps support treatment-related services and housing assistance to those living with HIV in Delaware
  • Disseminates meaningful and accurate information to improve the quality of services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS in our communities
  • Supports the implementation of housing opportunities for persons with HIV/AIDS so that they are able to live with stability and dignity in order to maximize health-related outcomes
  • Works to identify and secure diversified funding streams to address the unmet needs of those living with HIV disease in Delaware

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I collaborate with the Delaware HIV Consortium?
As the leader in statewide non-profit HIV/AIDS community organizing and policy development, the Consortium needs your voice and active participation in the planning process. Working together across the state, we can improve the lives of those with HIV/AIDS and help prevent further damage to neighborhoods and communities from this silent epidemic. Your participation in the Delaware HIV Consortium’s committees, programs and events will keep you up-to-date in a fast-paced, ever-changing world of HIV information, funding, and service delivery.

What opportunities will participation grant me?
Your active participation will give you a voice in developing service delivery programs designed to assist and empower those who are infected, affected and at-risk for HIV/AIDS. The Consortium facilitates the statewide HIV Planning Council and a Policy Committee that set the funding and policy priorities for HIV services in Delaware. Active participation in any and all of these committees is encouraged. The Consortium also hosts an annual meeting, fundraising events, educational workshops, public forums, and volunteer opportunities for our friends, colleagues and collaborators. Each committee member will receive Voices, our quarterly newsletter, as well as notices about special events, programs and awareness activities throughout the year.

Who can get involved?
Anyone can be a member of the Planning Council or Policy Committee. We especially encourage minority organizations, women, people of color, HIV positive individuals and corporate entities to become involved with the Delaware HIV Consortium. Currently, our collaborators consist of businesses, community/civic organizations, service providers, faith-based communities, people with HIV/AIDS, government organizations, elected officials, and concerned community members from throughout Delaware.

What are the expectations, time commitments and responsibilities?
You can determine your own level of involvement because there is no specific time requirement. We encourage people to attend meetings regularly, become active in a committee, and advocate on behalf of the mission of the Delaware HIV Consortium whenever given the opportunity. Planning Council meetings are held every other month in Dover and Policy Committee meetings are held the alternate months in Wilmington.

How much does it cost?
There is no charge to become involved with the Consortium. However, we have several development initiatives and special events that you may contribute to whenever possible. These programs include, but are not limited to, the annual WOW Awards Celebration, AIDS Walk Delaware, “Easy As Pie” Thanksgiving Fundraiser, the Robert Ellis Holiday Fund, and the Michael Brossette Memorial Fund (providing emergency financial client assistance).

Where does the Delaware HIV Consortium receive its funding?
The Consortium’s funding comes from the federal Ryan White CARE Act, Centers for Disease Control, Housing Opportunities for People Living with AIDS, the City of Wilmington, the Division of Public Health, corporate grants, sponsorships, private foundations, fundraisers, and individual contributions.

What is the mission of the Delaware HIV Consortium?
The Delaware HIV Consortium is dedicated to providing leadership to eliminate HIV in Delaware by supporting optimal HIV care and prevention services.

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