"Easy As Pie" Thanksgiving Fundraiser


“Easy As Pie” Thanksgiving Fundraiser


Easy as Pie Distribution Day is Tuesday, November 24. 

Ordering is now closed – thank you for your support!


Our Efforts Are About Community Collaboration… The Delaware HIV Consortium and the Ministry of Caring are collaborating again this year for the annual ‘Easy as Pie’ fundraising campaign. Proceeds from this fundraiser support our programs statewide.

The Ministry of Caring is committed to serving the ongoing needs of the poor; providing food for the hungry, shelter and housing for the homeless and for individuals with AIDS, job training, dental care, child care and advocacy for the disenfranchised. The House of Joseph II is a permanent 16-bed residence for individuals living with HIV or the advanced stages of AIDS.   Residents live as fully and independently as possible in a caring, nurturing environment receiving care for their physical, nutritional, medical, and psychological needs.

Your donation not only gets you a delicious Thanksgiving pie or cake from Linvilla Orchards, Just Desserts by Jekeitta, Achenbach Pastries or Pellman Bakery, but also provides vital services to Delawareans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Your donation will provide food, housing, medication co-pays and financial assistance to someone living with HIV/AIDS in Delaware.

  • Order your Linvilla desserts by Tuesday, November 17, 11 am
  • All other desserts have an ordering deadline of Friday, November 20 at Noon.
  • Pickup your desserts on Tuesday, November 24, 12 – 6 pm (Day/hours at some locations vary)

Most cakes and pies are $20 each, except the premium desserts from Pellman Bakery are $25.

This Year’s Selection

DUTCH apple crumb

Dutch Apple Crumb – Achenbach or Linvilla

apple walnut

Apple Caramel Walnut – Linvilla Orchards

coconut custard

Coconut Custard – Linvilla Orchards


Pumpkin Pie  – Achenbach or Linvilla

pecan pie

Pecan Pie – Linvilla Orchards


Lemon Meringue Pie – Linvilla Orchards

sweet potato

Sweet Potato Pie – 9″ from Just Desserts by Jekeitta

Cherry Crumb Pie – 10″ from Achenbach

Blueberry Crumb Pie – 10″ from Achenbach

Marble Cake – 7″ from Achenbach Pastries

Red Velvet Cake – 7″ from Achenbach Pastries


Carrot Cake  – 7″ layer cake from Achenbach Pastry


German Chocolate Cake – 7″ layer cake from Achenbach Pastry NEW!

Plain Sticky Ring – from Achenbach Pastries NEW!

Raisin Sticky Ring – from Achenbach Pastries NEW!

Pecan Sticky Ring – from Achenbach Pastries NEW!

Moravian Cake – from Achenbach Pastries NEW!

pumpkin roll

Pumpkin Roll – 1 3/4 lb. made in Lancaster County

Premium Desserts from Pellman Bakery – $25

Pellman cheescake

Plain Cheesecake – 60 oz. Pellman Cheesecake – $25

CC cheesecake

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake – 60 oz. chocolate chip cheesecake from Pellman, $25.

strawberries & creme

Strawberry & Cream Cheesecake – 48 ozs. from Pellman, $25

Pellman spice

Pumpkin Spice Cake – 60 oz. Pellman Pumpkin Spice Cake – $25

banana cake

Banana Cake – 48 ozs. from Pellman Bakery – $25

Triple choc cake

Triple Chocolate Cake – 60 ozs. from Pellman, $25

Coconut cake

Coconut Layer Cake – 48 ozs. from Pellman – $25


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Can You Help Us?

  • Help us by ordering your pies early 
  • Help us deliver pies to pick-up sites (email to volunteer!)
  • Help us sell pies by promoting Easy As Pie on your Facebook page

Special Thanks To: Linvilla Orchards , Just Desserts by Jekeitta, Achenbach’s Pastries, and Pellman Bakery

Pie Distribution Locations:

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