The Michael Brossette Memorial Fund (MBMF), in memory of former Board of Trustees president and member Michael Brossette, was established by the Delaware HIV Consortium in September 2000. Originally funded by memorial contributions by the Brossette Family and friends, the MBMF provides small grants to assist people with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing financial hardship and who do not generally qualify for other private, public or governmental programs. MBMF helps people who might otherwise “fall through the cracks” by offering resources, including financial assistance and information about services.

The MBMF does more than simply pay a bill for someone.  It is a source of help for the immediate situation and yet provides an introduction to other available services for future use. Some examples of expenses that might be covered by MBMF include:

  • Security deposits and application fees for housing
  • Assistance with an outstanding power bill
  • An outstanding bill for medical services not covered by other funding
  • Co-pays for prescriptions

The Michael Brossette Memorial Fund is a unique program in several ways. First, it targets persons living with HIV disease who are “outside of the system.” The Consortium reaches out to persons who are struggling to manage the financial burden of HIV disease using only their limited personal resources. Second, it considers types of requests (such as mortgage payments) that are typically denied through other programs. Third, the administrating agency (in this case, the Delaware HIV Consortium) takes no administrative charges for operating the program. In this way, one-hundred percent of the dollars given to the Fund are used to provide direct assistance to persons living with HIV disease.The program may provide up to $500 in assistance per applicant. If the applicant’s need is greater than that, Consortium representatives may refer that applicant to other financial assistance programs for help.

Although originally funded by memorial contributions, long-since depleted, the MBMF is completely funded by private contributions, fundraising activities, and grant funding.

Donations to the Michael Brossette Memorial Fund are eligible for the Delaware NAA Tax Credit Program, offering donors who give at least $2,500 a 50% tax credit on their Delaware Individual Income Tax returns.Click here for more info.



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