Health Insurance Program

This program provides financial assistance to maintain continued health insurance coverage for eligible individuals living with HIV disease who are in danger of losing their insurance coverage due to their inability to pay. Originally the program served individuals who had lost their jobs and were trying to retain their health insurance through a COBRA plan with their previous employer. The program was expanded to include persons who were struggling to pay their portions of any health insurance premiums.

The program reserves the right to deny service if it is determined that:
(1) the individual would receive better, more comprehensive coverage through another source of assistance for which the client is eligible,
(2) the insurance policy is not cost-effective,
(3) the prescription coverage of the plan does not approximately the same coverage as the Ryan White Part B ADAP Formulary, or
(4) there are insufficient funds available for the program for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Service Provider:
Delaware HIV Consortium (statewide): 302-654-5471.